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Pricing and Availability

At Alicia's Daycare, we have half-day and day-rate pricing. Depending on the age of the child. 

Availability is depending on the scheduling for the week. We ask that when scheduling care for your child it is done the week prior to care. That way we can make sure we are appropriately staffed. 

We do offer a 10% sibling discount, and drop-in rates 2-hour minimum as well depending on if there is availability for that day. 

If you have more questions on pricing please reach out to us.

Day Rate Pricing
7 am to 5 pm

Food and other

Food is provided by the daycare, which includes Breakfast, Lunch, and 2 snacks 

Baby food, whether it is breast milk or formula will need to be provided by the parent with a bottle.

Diapers are provided by the daycare which will be Kirkland brand. If another brand is preferred they must be provided by the parent.

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