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Daily Schedule

Alicia's Daycare likes to provide a structured environment for the kids. As we all know some days are easier than others so we do keep the schedule flexible if needed.

This is our base schedule for the tiny toddlers.

Depending on the age and the needs of the child it may vary.

8:30 AM & Earlier

Drop-off starts at 7 AM.

If an earlier time frame is needed, must be requested in advance.

Free Play 

8:30 AM Breakfast

Breakfast for the kids. Any dietary restrictions will be adhered to. 

We will provide gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options

9 AM Free Play

Free Play

Outside or inside will be dependent upon the weather. If the weather is good we will take the kids to the fenced-in backyard to get some fresh air.

9:30 AM Spanish Time

Introducing Spanish to the kids. 

We will play a video or read Spanish books and/or flashcards 

9:45 AM Outside Play/Crafts

After all that learning its time to loosen up and get some fresh air

10:30 AM Snack Time

The best part of the day, snack time for the kids. 

10:45 AM Learning Activites

These activities will change daily, some examples are working on/ introducing letters, numbers, and colors. As well as encourage talking.

11:15 AM Exercise

Adult lead exercises, such as stretches, jumping jacks, or practicing our dance moves.

11:30 AM Outside play/ Crafts

If weather permits for outside play

12:30 PM Lunch 

Lunch will be prepared during this time, if there are any food restrictions please let us know

1 PM Quiet Time

We will be winding down with some quiet time. The kids can pick out a book to be read aloud as they enjoy a glass of milk/non-dairy alternative.   

1:30 PM Nap Time

The kids will begin to take their naps in their own specific areas, White noise is played in the rooms to help the little ones take their naps.

3:30 PM Snack 

Around this time the kiddos will begin to wake up from their naps. Once they awake we will have snacks available. 

4:00 PM Free play - Pick Up

Free play for the rest of the day until pick up

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